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Isle Unto Thyself

A journey into the mind of a man dealing with the demise of his engagement.

Music by: Miracle Musical


Wade's Glade

A once magical swamp is now at the brink of destruction, its source of magic hoarded by the notorious Gator Gang. It's up to Wade, Turk and June to find and restore the source so that the swamp may once again thrive!

Harbinger of Doom

"Lock your doors and blow out your lights. Fiddlesticks comes, his ravens a-flight. Should there be a soul about, Fiddlesticks reaps, before you can shout." 

A horror fanimatic about a town terrorized by a living scarecrow. 


Bullets & Blunders


A pair of hitmen are preparing to terminate their newest target; Only they have the wrong room. 

A music video set to Heavy Metal by Justice.

Miscellaneous Boards

Dialogue exercises for practice

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